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Content: 1 liter Pro Organic Grow, 1 liter Pro Organic Bloom

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The Pro Organic organic fertilizer line consists of two bottles.
Pro Organic Grow is for the first phase of cultivation in which your plants put their energy into growth and the production of leaves. In this phase, the plants need a different dose of nutrients than when they start to develop fruits.
Pro Organic Bloom has been developed for the latter phase. Besides Pro Organic Grow and Pro Organic Bloom, no other boosters or supplements are needed.

No matter where you go today, people are talking about organic foods. No longer are organic fruits and vegetables just for treehuggers or the old hippies; they have come into the mainstream with a bang. So what exactly are the benefits of growing an organic garden?

Taste –While many organic fruits and vegetables will not have the uniform look of those you purchase in a supermarket, they will have a superior taste — a virtual explosion of flavor that bears little resemblance to the taste of commercially raised produce. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruits or vegetables straight off the vine, tree, or plant.
Health – An organic garden is free from toxic chemicals, which means that the produce is free also. Your fruits and vegetables will not have a chemical residue that would enter your body if not thoroughly washed away. Organic produce has also been shown to have a higher vitamin and mineral content than produce grown with the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. By planting your own organic garden, you are assuring yourself the best possible fruits and vegetables.

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