T.A. Trikologic S


Content: 25 grams
Dosage: 0.1 grams/litre during the entire cultivation
Larger packaging on request

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Trikologic S, root protection against pathogens

One of the biggest threats to your plants is pathogens that attack the roots. Pythium, fusarium and verticillium are bacterial and fungal pathogens that can cause irreparable damage to the root system in a short time, primarily when you work with a hydroponic system and the water gets too hot. Therefore, this poses a danger, particularly in the summer months.
Trikologic S consists of a balanced mix of micro-organisms that form a protective layer around the roots where harmful bacteria and fungi cannot survive or reproduce. The micro-organisms in Trikologic S get to work immediately, and you will therefore also see immediate results on the condition of the root system.
Like the regular Trikologic, Trikologic S also converts organic material in substrate or water into absorbable nutrients.


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