T.A. TriPart Bloom


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T.A. TriPart Bloom

Terra Aquatica 3-component mineral nutrition was introduced to the market years ago. It is still used by thousands of growers around the world. Bloom has been specially developed to be used together with Micro and Gro. By using each component in different doses during the different life phases of the plant, the perfect nutrition is created. Gro stimulates exuberant plant and leaf growth. Bloom contains all elements for the flowering phase, while Micro provides your plants with all micro and trace elements. T.A. Bloom nutrition can be used in hydro systems, coco and on soil. When growing on soil, keep a lower dose. About 2/3 of those when grown in a hydro system.
The preparation of the nutrient solution is best done with a PH and EC meter. With the EC meter you can first adjust the desired amount of nutrition in the solution. The desired acidity can then be adjusted with the PH meter and some PH- or PH+.
The nutrient solution should be refreshed after approximately seven days. NB; never mix the different feeds undiluted directly with each other.

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