GHE flora series

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GHE Try pack
1 x 1 liter Florabloom
1 x 1 liter Floragro
1 x 1 liter Floramicro

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The GHE Try pack is a great way to get introduced with the GHE products. It can be used for hydroponics, coco and soil.

The Original Formula and the concept of a 3 parts nutrient, and GHE Flora series were created for General Hydroponics 25 years ago by Dr. Cal Herrmann, then specialist in water chemistry at NASA in collaboration with researchers from the University of California Davis.

FloraGro promotes structural development and foliage. It also gives the young plant the strength it needs for a perfect flowering.
FloraBloom: Throughout growth, it contributes to the formation of healthy and abundant roots. During flowering and fruiting it the plant to fulfill its genetic potential to achieve maximum crop. FloraGro and FloraBloom contain silica (in the form of silicic acid) that fights mold and root rot while renforèant the structure of your plants.
FloraMicro is the basic element of our system of fertilizer. This is a comprehensive concentration of oligo and microelements in the form of chelates. It also contains major and secondary elements that complement the action of FloraGro and FloraBloom and stabilizers that help keep the pH of your nutrient solution within an acceptable range. Between those three products exists a synergy that does the magic system.
The GHE Flora series is a great additive when using our flow hydropoincs system.

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