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1 x 1 liter Tripart Bloom
1 x 1 liter Tripart Grow
1 x 1 liter Tripart Micro

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T.A. TriPart pack

The tri-pack-flora-series is the ideal way to start using Terra Aquatica (T.A.) products. TriPack can be used for the cultivation on coco, soil, and in hydro systems.

High-yield fertilizers, and nutritive solutions in and out of the soil, Terra Aquatica has developed a whole range of fertilizers and hydroponic growing systems to allow you to control your plantations with complete peace of mind and ensure a generous harvest. Simply follow the application charts on all bottles of Terra Aquatica fertilizers or solutions to ensure vitality and productivity for your plants, whatever the substrate (hydroponics, soil, coco, etc.) Used by the most prestigious research laboratories and universities, including NASA.

The tri-pack-flora-series is a 3 component power supply. During the entire breeding cycle, all 3 components are added to the water. The dosage of the 3 components is adjusted to the stage of life your plants are in.
The bottles have a simple schedule stating how much of which component you should add to the water.

Tripart Grow: promotes structural development and leaf growth. It also gives the young plant the strength it needs for perfect flowering.

Tripart Bloom: Contributes to the growth of a healthy root system. During flowering and growth, it ensures that the plant reaches its genetic potential for maximum yield. Grow and Bloom contains silica (in the form of silica) that fights mold and root rot, while also promoting the cell structure of your plants.

Tripart Micro: This is an extensive concentration of “oligo and microelements” in the form of chelates. It contains primary and secondary elements that complement the effect of the Grow and Bloom and stabilizers that keep the pH level of your food stable.

The synergy between these 3 products is “where the magic happens”. For great results, we highly recommend using  Tripart in all your grows.

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