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Dosage: 0,1 gram/liter during the entire cycle
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Trikologic = Trichoderma

Trichoderma are fungi that live in soil, coco and other substrates. They form colonies that are constantly growing in size. One of the fantastic properties of Trichoderma is that it breaks down organic matter in the substrate and converts it into minerals that are vital nutrients for the plant. This makes Trichoderma fungi an indispensable element in organic horticulture.
In addition, it eliminates pathogens in the substrate. Especially when using a hydro system (cultivation in water, without substrate), if the water temperature rises too high, toxic substances can accumulate in the water tank. This affects the roots and can eventually lead to plant death.
Trikologic can be used for every plant and during every phase of plant life, from freshly germinated seeds to mature flowering plants. It can be added to the irrigation water or dissolved in the water in the water tank of an irrigation system. Trikologic is used in combination with plant nutrition.
When used in a hydro system, Trikologic needs a substrate on which it can grow. Ultimately, these will be the roots growing in the water, but an alternative will have to be used at the beginning of the growth while the roots are still small. This can be a biofilter, but you can also make your own biofilter by placing a bucket in the water tank under the return pipe of your 3 in 1 irrigation system. You fill this with a mix of 80% rinsed clay pabbles and 20% cocofibre.
Trikologic complies with European regulations for organic farming under 2008/113/CE.

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