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No Mercy nutrients Try pack consists of Sweet Jane 1, Sweet Jane 2, and Guano extract. Because the nutritional needs during flowering, fruiting, and ripening are not equal, we have developed a fertilizer that keeps a very good account of the needs of the crop at the different stages. Because of this, the crops will lack nothing, but there remain no nutrients in the soil that can cause accumulations and thereby can cause blockages. No Mercy nutrients are very easy to use and literally impossible to overdose on your plants because its organic

Sweet Jane 1 has an NPK ratio of 7-7-7. This fertilizer is suitable from the start of the crops until phase 2 of fruiting. Sweet Jane 2 has an NPK ratio of 2-4-9. This fertilizer is for the remainder of the cycle. Sweet Jane 1 and 2 can be mixed during the transition week for a smooth transition.

The No Mercy nutrients try pack works perfectly in the G-tools 3-in-1 irrigation system

The recommended dosage for Sweet Jane 1 and 2 is a maximum of 10 milliliters of Sweet Jane into 2 liters of water for mature plants. It can be given at any time. For plants smaller than 30cm use half the dosage. The use of an EC meter when creating a fertilizer solution is preferred.

It is well known that guano is a very good fertilizer for many plants. The downside is that nature needs time for this type of fertilizer to convert into the plant’s useful compounds. In many plants grown in indoor cultivation, the cycle is too short to complete this natural process in time for the plant’s benefit. In this case, the guano fertilizer adds little benefit to most crops. No Mercy offers a guano extract in which this natural process has already taken place. When this extract is provided to your crop, the plants have very fast access to the minerals supplied by the guano.

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