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Greenhouse Try Pack Powderfeeding

Greenhouse Try Pack Powderfeeding strives to deliver unprecedented results with unique plant nutrients. Award-winning nutrients developed by Green House are simple and user-friendly products that are highly concentrated and target specific types of plants during all stages of growth. The ingredients used are all food grade of the highest quality made in the EU.

Tailored to meet all the requirements for all plants grown in soil or coco coir is the Green House Feeding Bio Powder Nutrient range a mix of natural mineral and organic raw materials. Greenhouse Try Pack Powderfeeding will provide plants with all the essential macro and micronutrients – to promote strong and healthy growth through all stages of development.

Most liquid fertilizers are made up of powder and granular ingredients. When it comes to fertilizer if you want the most cost-effective products with the highest amount of control & concentration powder and granular fertilizers have many advantages over liquid.

Powdered fertilizers are the most cost-effective because they eliminate the expense of shipping and handling of water, excess containers, and low concentration of active ingredients. They also eliminate spoilage of liquid-based products with a relatively short lifespan or temperature tolerance.

Powdered products can be used in a more versatile manner than liquid products. They can be used in soil amending, top-dressing, reservoir applications, compost teas, foliar applications, spiked layer and zoning. Liquid products are less versatile with root drenching and foliar feeding being the main ways they can be applied.

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