Frame with drip tray Sale


Dimensions h x w x d: 8 x 52 x 52cm
Consists of: eb & flow tray 0,52 x 0,52
4 x G-tools angle profile 44cm
4 x G-tools 3-way insert connector

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The ebb & flow tray of the 3 in 1 irrigation system is of course the perfect drip tray for use in your Bonanza 0.35 grow box.
When watering you no longer need to worry about water leaking from the bottom of the pot that will eventually end up on your expensive carpet.
Due to the deeper discharge point of the ebb & flow tray, it cannot be placed flat on the bottom. That is why it is supplied with an aluminum frame in which the tray is placed.
For a Bonanza 1m2 you use 2.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions53 × 53 × 8 cm