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size (h x w x d):4 x 52 x 52cm
exclusive: lead through

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Drip tray for irrigation system

The G-tools mini grow tray is specially designed for the Bonanza 0.35 grow box. It is the perfect tray for a drip- or ebb & flow irrigation system. The tray is part of the 3 in 1 growsystem and has special drainage channels.
This makes that the tray runs dry after every watering shift. It is very important that your plants are not standing in leftover pools of water. This prevents the roots from absorbing oxygen properly.
In addition, residual water is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and algae.
With its raised edges of 4 cm, the G-tools mini grow tray can also be used as a leak water collector in your grow cabinet. This way you never have to worry that water running from underneath the pots will end up on your expensive carpet.
The drainage channels converge in a deeper collection point. When you use the G-tools mini grow tray in an irrigation system, the holes for water supply and drainage are made here.
The mini grow tray is supplied by us without these holes.
The drainage channels make that the bottom of the tray is not smooth and can not be placed flat on the floor. So if you want to use it as a leak water collector, you will have to place a few bars or profiles underneath.
A special lid has been designed for the G-tools mini grow tray. This is 7 cm high and has 5 holes in which so-called net cups can be placed. The lid and the G-tools mini grow tray together form a “shallow water culture” irrigation system for 5 plants.

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Dimensions52 × 52 × 4 cm