Eb & flow tray 2 x 0.63


Dimensions (h x w x d): 4 x 202 x 63 cm
Material: UV proof virgin plastic
Exclusive: Lead throughs

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Hydroponic ebb and flow tray 2 x 0.63

For this ebb and flow tray 2 x 0.63 cm there is a special aluminum grow table available. Together they form a safe, waterproof surface to grow your plants. The trays are made of UV-resistant virgin plastic and have gutters that open into a deeper drainage point. Lead throughs for water supply and drainage can be easily installed on this drainage point. These can be connected directly to PVC couplings available in any hardware store.
As the name implies, the trays can be used in an ebb and flow system. The tray is connected to a lead through with a tap. This lead through is connected to a pump that at set times pumps a layer of nutrient solution into the tray (flood). When the pump switches off again, the water flows back to where it came from (ebb). To avoid the risk of flooding, 1 or more overflows can be installed.
During the flood period, the plants absorb the water nutrient solution through holes in the bottom of the pot. When the solution flows in through these holes, it not only feeds the plant, but at the same time pushes the oxygen out of the soil. When the water recedes, fresh oxygen is drawn into the soil. This method is very simple and leads to very healthy root growth.
The trays can also be used in a drip irrigation system.
In this case, the water supply line with the drippers is placed over the ebb & flow tray. For the drainage of water that leaks from the bottom of the pots, only 1 lead through is sufficient.
The ebb & flow trays are delivered without lead throughs because the kind required depend on the way in which the tray will be used.

When used in an ebb & flow system, we recommend

-1 x lead through 3/4″ with tap

-1 x overflow 1″

When the tray is used in a drip irrigation system:

-1 x lead through 1″

Additional information

Weight51 kg
Dimensions202 × 63 × 4 cm