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Specifications Garden HighPro HumiPro humidifier:

Maximum 380ml per hour
Hygrostat 45-90% RH in 5% steps – continuous also possible (adjustable on the humidifier)
3 settings for more/less moisture output (adjustable on the humidifier)
Remote control for all settings + timer & screen lighting on/off
Double nozzle with a 360ยบ rotation (manual)
Digital LED display (can also be turned off!)
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 31.5 cm
Reservoir 4 ltr
220V – 50/60Hz.
25 – 35 watts

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GHP HumiPro Humidifier

The Garden Highpro HumiPro, a professional humidifier, is a versatile device that is easily adjustable with three different settings. This humidifier is ideal for atomizing tap water and combines functionality with a stylish design. Its whisper-quiet operation makes it suitable for various rooms, such as bedrooms, where central heating often provides too dry air.

The HumiPro is not only perfect for increasing humidity in grow boxes, but also offers convenience with its remote control and timer functionality. All settings are extensively adjustable and are clearly displayed on the bright LED display. The display can even be dimmed for an optimal dark environment, for example in grow cabinets. With its versatility and ease of use, the HumiPro is an essential tool for the optimal environment in your grow room.

Humidity plays a crucial role in a grow box, and managing it properly is essential for healthy plant growth. Here are some reasons why humidity is so important in a growing environment:

Optimal growing conditions: Plants require specific humidity levels to thrive. Too little moisture can lead to dehydration and stress on the plants, while too much moisture can cause mold and mildew problems.
Gas exchange: Good humidity promotes gas exchange in leaves, which is essential for photosynthesis and respiration of the plants.
Regulation of temperature: The moisture content in the air can help regulate the temperature in the grow box. Optimal humidity can reduce temperature fluctuations and create a more stable environment for the plants.
Seed Germination and Root Development: Proper humidity is vital for seed germination and root development. It provides a favorable environment in which seeds can germinate quickly and roots can grow healthily.
Flower formation and fruit set: During the flowering and fruiting phase, plants have specific humidity requirements to promote optimal flower formation and fruit set.

Maintaining a suitable humidity level in your grow box is therefore very important to ensure the health and growth of your plants. This makes a high-quality humidifier such as the HumiPro from Garden Highpro a valuable instrument for creating an optimal environment for your plants.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 31,5 cm

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