Mini propagator 10


Includes: 10 plugs
10 jiffy coco plugs
Material mini propagator: 100% recycled PS



Mini propagator 10

This mini propagator offers the perfect environment to germinate 10 seeds. The transparent lid keeps the humidity high and with the slider on top you can even regulate that, in part. After about two weeks the plants are big enough to move them to one of our growboxes. When you grow in pots with soil, the best practice would be to put the plants in a fibre pot filled with lightly fertilized soil. After about a week, you would place the whole content into heavier fertilized soil. When you further grow the plants in one of our Flow Hydroponics systems, you could place them directly into the netcups.

The included plugs are made out of a very compact substrate that is held together by thin gauze. The gauze makes sure that air and water supply is regulated properly. By adding water to the Jiffy plugs they can grow to about seven times their original size. This mini propagator includes 10 Jiffy plugs.

Additional information

Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions25 × 12 × 10 cm

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