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Seed plugs suitable for any medium

Eazy plug seed plugs can be used in soil, coco or rock wool. Using these plugs is very simple.
Pour a layer of lukewarm water into the tray and wait until the plugs have absorbed all the water. Repeat this until the plugs are saturated and no longer absorb water. This can be plain tap water. You don’t have to acidify it or add nutrients to it.
When the plugs are saturated you can plant a seed or cutting in the pre-drilled holes.
Due to the open structure of the material, there’s no risk of over watering. As a result, the water and oxygen balance is always perfect. This not only speeds up the germination process but also stimulates root growth.

Nutrition for the first 2 to 3 weeks

The newly germinated seedlings can remain in the plugs for 2 to 3 weeks before they have to be repotted. The plugs contain sufficient nutrients to get through this first period. When the plugs dry out just water them with plain water. Acidification or adding nutrition is not necessary.
The Eazy plugs are supplied in trays of 104 pieces. These trays fit perfectly in the 64/50T heated propagator. Temperature and humidity are always perfect inside the progator and your new plants will have a perfect start.

After use the Eazy plugs can be composted or used as a soil improver.

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