Jiffy 7/41mm Seed plugs


Diameter: 41mm
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Seed plugs

The Jiffy seed plug is used for germinating seeds. They consist of a net filled with a mix off soil and coco. The seed plugs are compressed in to a convenient size. When the plugs are wetted with about 30ML of water they swell till around 8 times their Original size.
Now they are ready to be sowed. The jiffy’s hold the water for a very long period and are the perfect start for the germinating seeds. After the plugs have been sowed they are best placed inside a heated propagator. As soon as the roots grow out of the plugs they are ready to be transplanted to a wood fibre pot.
The wood fibre pots should be filled wit a light soil mix. Young plants don’t a lot of food yet.
As soon as the roots grow through the sides of the wood fibre pot they can be planted inside a bigger pot with a stronger fertilised type of soil.

100% Bio

Jiffy’s are 100% bio degradable. The plugs can be used in soil as well as in any other kind of medium. They can also be used in hydroponic systems.

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