Mini fan, filter and silencer


Consists of:
PK K2600 mini carbon filter
Winflex extractor 185m3/hour
G-Tools silencer
120 mm Airvent



Mini fan, filter and silencer in one

The Winflex mini extractor in this combo set cools lighting systems up to 250 Watt and is very practical for use in small grow cabinets and tents.
The extractor is mounted directly on a Prima Klima K2600 mini carbon filter with a capacity of 240 m3/hour. On the exit side of the fan is a G-tools silencer. The silencer ensures a silent removal of the filtered air.
The silencer consists of a metal tube inside a rockwool encasing. The encasing is also pulled over the extractor fan and reduces the sound of the fan and outgoing air stream to less then 40dB.

This set is delivered fully mounted and cabled. When the filter needs to be renewed it can be easily removed from the extractor.
With it’s total length of only 55 cm the mini fan, filter and silencer combo is easy to mount inside the smallest growrooms. The silencer with a diameter of 125 mm can be pushed directly through a side of your cabinet or grow tent. With the supplied airvent the silencer can be clamped inside a 121 mm hole.
If necessary 125mm duct can be mounted on the end of the silencer.

This mini fan, filter and silencer is the standard extractor system on all Bonanza 0,35 m2 cabinets.




Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 55 × 20 × 20 cm