GT 125 fan with controller + PK Eco filter Sale


Fan:GT 125 with thermostat and minimum speed setting
Diameter flange: 125mm
Motor: EBM Pabst
Low noise
Inc. mounting bracket

Filter:PK-K2601 flat
Max. air flow 480m3/hour
Optimal air flow 360m3/hour
Diameter flange:125mm

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G-tools extraction kit

Inside the set extraction kit with controller combo, you will find a fan with a built-in thermostat and a carbon filter. Just like the filter, the fan is also from Prima Klima but rebranded for us. German made EBM Pabst motors are fitted as standard with backward-formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans. With its capacity of 420m3/hour, it’s suitable for grow rooms with one light with an output of around 600 watts. The G-tools ventilator has a built-in fan speed controller. Ideal for use in rooms with big temperature differences when the light is on and when the is light off. You are able to set the desired temperature and set the minimum speed and when the temperature rises above the set temperature the fan will operate at full speed and when the temperature drops below the set temperature the fan will run at the set minimum speed.

Prima Klima 2601 filter

Prima Klima only uses the best and certified carbon in all their filters. Coconut shell-activated carbon is proven to be the best and most efficient against unwanted odours . It has more micro-pores than mineral and standard activated carbon. The main purpose of the filter is to remove small particles and odours from incoming/ outgoing air using physical and chemical absorption. High-quality metal press parts provide maximum stability and durability.
The extra-long flange provides a secure connection. The flange size is 125 mm and by using Collar you can connect the Fan and filter together.

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