PK125 EC-TC680 m3


Diameter flange: 125 mm
Motor: Swiss Ziehl & Abegg motor
Power: 20-170 Watt
Housing: Silent
Ventilator: 680 m3 per hour
Sensor: digital external temp sensor, incl. 4 meter cable
Details: Incl. mounting profile, incl. cable
Warranty: 1 jaar

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The Rolls Royce of extractor fans.
This compact extractor fan with a 125 mm connection has a maxium of 680m3 air flow at full power.
The fan is equiped with a super strong Swiss Ziehl & Abegg motor. The backwards curved blades create a massive hydrolic pressure.
Therefore hardly losing any power when connected to a filter and air ducting.

Just like the GT 125 controller the PK125 EC-TC has adjustable rPM connected to a thermostat.
Therefore when the sensor of the thermostat records a temperature lower than the set temp the fan will run at the minium programmed power.
If it gets warmer than the set temp the fan will run at full power. The Ziehl & Abegg motor is able to be dimmed without producing a humming noise.

Further more the PK 125 EC-TC is equipped with a potentiometer used to adjust the maxium rPM from 20Watt to 170Watt.
This gives you the ability to adjust the maxium output air flow for your situation.
In this way you have control of the both the minium and maxium temp in your grow space.
The compact size of the fan makes it simple to place anywhere.

The PK125 EC-TC is the standard extractor found in the G-kit 800 and 1200 wing grow cabinets.

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