GT 125-2 speed fan + PK Eco filter


Fan:GT 125 2-speed
Diameter flange: 125mm
Motor: EBM Pabst
Low noise
Inc. mounting bracket

Filter:PK-K2601 flat
Max. air flow 480m3/hour
Optimal air flow 360m3/hour
Diameter flange:125mm



G-Tools 125-2 speed fan + PK filter

G-Tools 125-2 speed fan + PK filter is our most sold combo kit. You can set the fan speed with an easy-to-use switch. The fan has a silent German EBM motor and only the highest quality materials are used. . This allows you to extract air out of your grow space without having to worry about the noise. We always advise using a silencer with this setup to lower the noise of the airflow. We sell this Prima Klima 2 speed extractor fan under the G-tools label. Prima Klima 2-speed extractor fans are considered the most silent fans in the market and were voted the best fans by several industry publications in 2010. Each G-tools 2 speed extractor fan is supplied complete with wired mains leads and a wall mounting bracket. The German EBM motors are fitted as standard with backward-formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans.

Prima Klima Eco filter

G-Tools 125-2 speed fan + PK filter consists of fan and carbon Filter. Activated carbon filters are widely used to reduce odors and control emissions from grow tents and grow rooms. Typically attached to the inline duct fan or tail end of ducting, the carbon filter cleans the air circulating through. The result is fresher air that is clear of odor, spores, and other allergens. The size of the filter governs the maximum air flow – the flange size should always be matched to the size of the fan. All carbon filters reduce the maximum air flow through a fan, meaning carbon filters are normally the largest restriction to airflow in a ventilation system. Studies show that the more activated carbon molecules in a filter, the more air pollutants and contaminants are quickly adsorbed. So the effectiveness of an air purifier does rely on the amount of activated carbon in the filtration system.

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Weight8 kg

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