GT 160 2-speed fan + PK Eco filter Sale


Fan: GT 160 2-speed
Capaciteit: 400-800m3
Diameter uitgang: 160mm
Motor: EBM Pabst gebalanceerde motor
Behuizing: geluidsarm
Incl. montage beugel


Filter: PK-K2603
Maximale luchtstroom:1150m3/uur
Ideale luchtstroom: 800m3/uur
Hoogte: 680mm
Diameter filter:240mm
Diameter flens:160mm

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GT 160 2-speed + filter

When setting up your first grow space, the first few things to consider are the space available. Then the lighting system needed, and the number of plants you can fit in that space. Many times, people don’t consider the relevance of proper air exchange and how vital it is to achieve a successful harvest. For a slightly larger space than our Bonanza 1m2 cabinet, we suggest using the GT 160 2-speed + filter to make sure you are working as efficiently as possible without extra wasting power by using a fan and filter set up that is too small for your space, that’s not mentioning the better control you will have of the climate inside your space. The two-speed fan comes in handy when you need less extraction during winter than in summer. With a simple flick of the switch, you can set the desired speed.

Prima Klima 2603 carbon filter

PK filters can be used with fans blowing or sucking air through the filter, depending on the intended application. Sucking air through the filter is preferable as the external filter fleece protects the inner filter from dust and preserves the working life of the filter. Prima Klima filters have a progressive coal structure to ensure an equal flow of air through the entirety of the charcoal.


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