PK 125 EC-TC + PK K1604 filter Sale


PK 125 EC-TC Fan

Fan: PK 125 EC-TC
Capacity: 680m3
Diameter flange: 125mm
Motor: Ziehl Abbeg. Gebalanceerde motor
Incl. mounting bracket


PK Eco filter

Filter: PK K1604
Maximal air flow: 700m3/uur
Ideal air flow: 460m3/uur
Hight: 600mm
Diameter flange: 125mm

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PK 125 ec-tc Fan with filter

The  PK 125 ec-tc Fan with filter is a highly efficient inline duct fan equipped with a premium ZIEHL-ABEGG motor with very low power consumption. The device is extremely silent and energy efficient thanks to EC-Technology. The entire housing is made of high-impact resistant, flame-proof polyamide (nylon). The control system, the connections, and the capacitor are fully integrated into the housing. The biggest advantage of the PK 125 ec-tc Fan is that it allows you to control the temperature and fan speed. The Impeller with backward curved blades allows the fan to run at high speeds with low power consumption.

Another advantage is that the fan has very low noise emissions even when you have the fan dimmed you will not have the humming noise that is very common with inline fans. The durable housing with a control system ensures that you can use the fan for many years and always have easy access to adjust the settings if needed.

This carbon filter is a crucial part of your ventilation system if you want to get rid of unpleasant odours. The K1604 carbon filter from the Industry Line by Prima Klima is easy to install and highly reliable. It has the capacity to filter airflow in the range of 460/700 m3/h. This means that when the fan is dimmed it will still filter the air just as well as when it runs at full speed. All the filters from the Industry Line by Prima Klima offer a great price-performance ratio. They all have a 4cm thick layer of activated coal made from coconut shells. Inner construction made from high-quality metal parts ensures maximum stability and durability.

The activated coal inside the filter has a lifespan of approximately 24months, but we suggest replacing the filter every 12 months to be on the safe side. Dusty or humid environments can lower the filter’s lifespan. If used in a dusty environment, we recommend vacuuming the filter regularly.

We use this setup as a standard in our Wing series cabinets


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