PK125 EC-TC WhisperBlower 800m3/hr


Diameter flange: 125 mm
Housing dimensions (h x w): 309 x 315mm
Engine: EBM Pabst
Power: 20-170 Watt
Housing: low noise
Fan: 800 m3 per hour
Sensor: digital external temperature censor, incl. 4 meter cable
Special feature: Incl. mounting bracket, incl. cable
Warranty: 1 year



PK125 EC-TC WhisperBlower

The operation of the PK125 EC-TC WhisperBlower is the same as that of the regular PK 125 EC-TC. The “Whisper” version also has an adjustable minimum and maximum speed linked to a thermostat. With this thermostat you can set the temperature at which you want the fan to switch from minimum to maximum speed.

What distinguishes the “whisper” version from the regular version is that the fan creates more air flow with the same power consumption. The PK125 EC-TC WhisperBlower has a maximum air displacement of no less than 800 m3/hour (the regular PK 125 EC-TC: 680 m3/hour).

This extra power is due to the larger and ingeniously designed housing. This was designed in collaboration with EBM Pabst Motoren and ensures even better efficiency. In addition to the increased size of the housing, it features slots in the same direction of airflow. In addition, a conically shaped cylinder is mounted on the outlet side of the housing. The cylinder together with the slots and the larger size of the housing ensure that more pressure is built up, resulting in more air displacement. The conical cylinder is made of sound-absorbing material, which makes this fan as quiet as a coffin!

Additional information

Weight4,5 kg
Dimensions32 × 32 × 30 cm

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