G-tools air inlet


size:h x Ø: 9 x 11cm
diameter core: 70mm
ideal for use with 8mm panels

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Original G-tools air inlet system

G-tools passive air inlet system as supplied with all our grow cabinets.

The climate in your grow room is one of the key factors to a prosporous harvest.
Growrooms often get to hot because of the use of grow lights. Installing bigger extractor fans is an option to cope with this problem. Increasing the air in-take is often a cheaper and more efficient option.
Extractor fans create a vacuum inside your grow room by which fresh air is drawn in. Often the fans are to strong and there are simply not enough cracks and chinks in your sealed grow room to draw in enough fresh air.
You can instal an air intake fan with the risk of loosing under pressure in the grow room. Or you can create holes in your grow room’s walls. But then the light will shine out.
G-tools has come up with a very intelligent solution to this problem.
The G-tools air in let.
The G-tools air inlet consists of two parts: a core and a shell. The core is pushed through a 70mm hole into your grow cabinet, tent or grow room and covered on the inside with the shell. The shell will let the air though but not the light and forms a perfect light tight air inlet. The underpressure that arises when your extractor fan is running will draw in fresh air through the inlets into your cabinet or grow room. This way you can simply create fresh air intake anywhere you want it.

Once the 70mm hole is made mounting the inlets is a piece of cake. With one simple twist the inlet is fixed. The inlets can be removed the same easy way to be used elsewhere.
Ideal for use with 8 mm panels. Also suitable for thicker panels.


The inlet consists of two parts: a core (A) and a shell (B).


Cut a 70 mm hole where you want your air intake.


Push the core through the 70 mm hole.


Push the shell over the core.








Twist and lock.


Core and shell now form a light tight air intake.


Because of the under pressure created by your extractor fan fresh air is drawn in through the inlets.








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