Extractor fan G-tools with fancontroller 420m3/hour


Diameter flange: 125 mm
Motor: silent Swiss MES motor
Power: 65 Watt, 0,3A
Capacity:  minimum speed setting – 90 m3 per hour
maximum speed setting – 420 m3 per hou
Censor: digital external temperature censor, incl. 4 meter cable
Incl.:mounting bracket, incl. cable, EU plug
Warranty: 1 year


Extractor fan

This G-tools ventilator has a build in fan speed controller. Ideal for use in rooms with big temperature differences (light on/light off).


These state-of-the-art inline ventilators are protected by a thermal switch to prevent overheating. They are equiped with a temperature sensor on a 4 meters cable. With two dials you set the desired temperature and the minimum fan running speed. When the temperature in the room exceeds the set temperature, the fan gradually starts running at full speed. As soon as the temperature drops below the set temperature, the fan will fall back to the set minimum speed. The controller works with a so called “hysteresis” of 2 degrees. This means that the fan will build up it’s running speed to full power during a temperature rise of two degrees.

With its’ 420m3 capacity it’s the perfect extractor fan to run in 1 light grow rooms.

15% extra airflow

Swiss made MES motors are fitted as standard with backward formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans.With its’ capacity of 420m3/hour it’s suitable for growrooms with 1 light.

Special offer

The GT 125 extractor fan with fancontroller together with the Prima K2601 filter is permanently on sale.

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions28 × 23 × 26 cm

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