Bonanza (1m2) empty 176 x 118 x 78cm


Size (h x w x d): 176 x 118 x 78
Internal dimensions (h x w x d): 159 x 113 x 73 cm
Material: PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels
Inclusief: 6 x G-tools air inlets, mounting flange for exhaust air, mounting points for max. 3 lamps




DIY grow cabinet for vegetables and herbs

The Bonanza 1m2 is a DIY grow cabinet for vegetables and herbs. Ideal for those who are looking for a fun hobby but have limited space. The Bonanza 1m2 owes its name to the 1m2 grow surface. It’s easy to put away in any unused corner of your home.
This very safe grow box is suitable for growing 2 to 10 plants. This can be done in pots that you water manually or in the 3 in 1 irrigation system specially designed for this cabinet. In addition to an irrigation system, a lamp has also been designed for this cabinet, the G-Bars 170 LED grow lamp. The Bonanza Clima 1m2 offers space for 2 G-Bars 170 lamps.

Solid construction

The indestructible hull of the Bonanza 1m2 consists of aluminum profiles, plastic insert connectors, and PVC/XPS sandwich panels.
Together, these form a rock-solid construction that guarantees a lifetime of hassle-free growing.
The sandwich panels designed by us have great light-reflecting and heat and sound insulating capacities. In contrast to the smaller Bonanza 0.35 model, the cabinet has sliding instead of swing doors. These provide ample access to the plants but do not take up any extra space when opened. This makes the Bonanza grow box suitable for use in any interior.

G-tools air inlets

When the extractor (not included)is running and the doors are closed, negative pressure is created and unfiltered air cannot escape from the cabinet. Due to the negative pressure, fresh, CO2 rich air is continuously drawn into the cabinet via 6 G-tools air inlets. These inlets are installed at the bottom of the back wall of the cabinet and function as a labyrinth that lets air in but no light out.

Additional information

Weight51 kg
Dimensions118 × 78 × 176 cm