Bonanza (0,35m2) empty 176 x 61 x 61cm


Size (h x w x d): 176 x 61 x 61cm
Internal dimensions (h x w x d):
159 x 56.5 x 56.5 cm
Material: PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels
Includes: 3 x G-tools air inlets, mounting flange for exhaust air, mounting points for 1 lamp



Do it yourself grow box

The Bonanza 0.35 is a do it yourself grow box for vegetables and herbs. Ideal for those who want a fun hobby but have limited space. The cabinet has the dimensions of a large refrigerator and is easy to put away in an unused corner of your home. This do it yourself grow box is suitable for growing 1 to 5 plants in pots that you water by hand or in the 3 in 1 irrigation system designed for this cabinet. In addition to an irrigation system, a lamp has also been designed for this cabinet, the G-Bars 170 LED grow lamp.

Solid construction

The indestructible shell of the Bonanza 0.35 cabinet consists of aluminum profiles, plastic insert connectors, and PVC/XPS sandwich plates.
Together they form an extremely solid construction that guarantees a lifetime of hassle-free growing.
The sandwich panels are designed by us and have great light-reflecting, heat, and sound insulating capacities. The cabinet owes its sleek appearance to the doors, which are made of solid 3mm PVC panels with an aluminum top layer. These swing doors with locks not only deny access to the curious but also allow easy access to your plants.
This makes the Bonanza grow box suitable for use in any interior.

Additional information

Weight21 kg
Dimensions61 × 61 × 176 cm