Grow cabinet G-Kit 600 Wing (1,2 m2) empty 191 x 154 x 78 cm


Size (h x w x d): 191 x 154 x 78 cm
Inside measurement (h x b x d): 176 x 149 x 73 cm
Material: PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels
Bonusincluding wheels
8 x G-tools air inlets
1 x Air outlet flange 125mm
1 x Cable entry
Mounting points for three lights
Including locks
Waranty: 1 full year on technical installation



Hydroponic grow cabinet

The Wing series stands out within our extensive grow box range, offering a larger grow surface and increased height.  The G-kit 600 Wing hydroponic grow cabinet has a grow surface of 1.2m2. Crafted with the same high-quality PVC/XPS sandwich panels, aluminum profiles, and plastic insert connectors as our esteemed Bonanza cabinets. The off-white colour of the PVC coating of the panels provide perfect diffuse light reflection and makes the panels easy to clean as well. The core of the panel consists of 6mm thick XPS. XPS has noise and thermal insulating qualities that help to minimize nuisance of noise and maintain a healthy climate inside the grow box.


 Hydroponic grow cabinet

8 mm PVC/XPS sandwich panel

G-tools air inlets

The G-tools air inlets play a crucial role in maintaining the optimal grow environment within the cabinet. When the extractor is in operation and the cabinet doors are closed, a negative pressure scenario is created. This negative pressure prevents unfiltered air from escaping the cabinet and ensures that the internal atmosphere remains controlled and contained.
The inlets are positioned strategically at the bottom of the back wall of the cabinet and function as a highly effective labyrinth system. The design allows fresh, CO2-rich air to be continuously drawn into the cabinet while preventing the escape of light. Moreover, the light-tight design prevents any external light from entering the cabinet, maintaining the integrity of the light cycle crucial for the plants.
The negative pressure created by the extractor not only facilitates the expulsion of stale air but also ensures a consistent influx of fresh air, essential for promoting healthy plant growth. The G-tools air inlets contribute to a balanced and controlled ventilation system.



 Hydroponic grow cabinet

G-tools air inlets form a labyrinth that lets the air in but no light out

hydroponic grow cabinet

When the doors are closed and the extractor fan is running cool fresh air is drawn into the cabinet and warm stale air blown out.

Sturdy installation of grow equipment

To facilitate optimal positioning of your grow lights the G-kit 600 Wing hydroponic grow cabinet is equipped with three super-strong G-tools flat profiles embedded in the ceiling. These profiles are strategically positioned at 30 cm from the walls and in the center of the ceiling of the cabinet and have hooks for hanging grow lights.
This arrangement allows you the flexibility to work with 1, 2, or 3 lamps, ensuring a perfect distribution of light for the cultivation of various plants.
Besides your grow lights the roof mounted profiles can also be used for installation of extractor fans, filters and grow control equipment.


 Hydroponic grow cabinet

Example of the arrangement of the roof of the cabinet. Fan and filter are mounted to the profiles that also serve as anchoring points for your grow lights.

Sealed bottom panel

The same G-tools flat profiles are mounted underneath the bottom of the cabinet which ensures enough carrying capacity for heavy pots or watertanks. In order to minimise the risk of leakages the bottom panel of the 600 Wing cabinet is kitted inside the aluminium profiles. Water spilled when watering your plants will therefore not leak directly on the floor underneath the cabinet.
The Wing series takes it a step further by incorporating some exclusive “luxury options” not found in the standard models.
One notable feature of the Wing cabinets is the inclusion of wheels. This ensures easy maneuverability, allowing growers to optimize the placement of their grow cabinet.
The G-Kit 600 Wing growbox is designed with a symmetrical top compartment. According to your local circumstances you can decide to have the air outlet on the right or left side of the cabinet.
The cabinets sliding instead of swing doors allow them to be placed in even the smallest rooms.
Investing in the Wing series not only provides a generous and efficient growing space but also introduces the convenience of mobility and the luxury of customizable lighting options. Whether you are an experienced cultivator or just beginning your hydroponic journey, the G-kit 600 Wing hydroponic grow cabinet offers a sophisticated and practical solution for achieving optimal plant growth and maximizing yields.

All Wing models are equipped with high quality castor wheels.


Lockable grow cabinet

Wing grow cabinets come equipped with locks and provide an extra spare key. This feature adds an extra layer of security, helping to prevent unauthorized access to your grow project. Ensuring the safety and privacy of your grow space is important, especially when there are potential risks associated with curious individuals, including children.


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Weight65 kg
Dimensions154 × 78 × 176 cm