Urban farming

Urban Farming is the future

Urban farming or city farming is the cultivation of vegetables and herbs in an urban environment. So not like most of us know it in a greenhouse or a field.
The advantages of urban farming are endless. No pesticides are used and the crops are grown directly at the market. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!  A lot of time, money and energy is saved on transport and storage costs. Most store-bought vegetables have traveled thousands of miles before being put up for sale. Usually, they have been stored refrigerated all this time, which in turn has a negative impact on the environment and freshness.

17 years of experience with indoor growing systems

The knowledge and experience we have gained with grow cabinets make us experts in urban farming. We can design a custom-made installation, but we have also made a modular grow rack with which we can transform any location into a city vegetable garden. Because the grow racks are fully prepared in our own workshop, projects can be realized very quickly. This can be done at any desired location; a school, a shop, a nursing home, a restaurant, or even in a sea container in a parking lot.
Depending on the available space, a number of racks are placed. The grow racks are then connected to a water tank from which the plants receive their nutrition. Once running, 1 rack only requires half an hour of maintenance per week. The majority of this will consist of harvesting the crops.

Multi layer

Most urban farming projects consist of multi layer cultivation systems.
By using multiple grow layers, a lot of cultivation surface is created per available square meter. The racks consist of 4 floors with a total of 2 square meters of grow surface. The grower can choose to grow his plants in pots with soil or hydroponicly.
Energy-efficient LED grow lights provide the plants with light. Because these LEDs can
hang very close to the crop, the height between the floors can be kept to a minimum of 50 cm.
This means that with a ceiling height of 2 meters, a cultivation area of ​​4 m2 is created on every available square meter!

Sustainable water and electricity consumption

Water consumption in urban farming projects is far less than in regular horticultural methods. For example, when a farmer waters his crops during the day as much as 90 percent might evaporate directly.
Our grow racks are recirculating systems. This means that each drop of water not directly absorbed by the plants is returned to the water tank and offered to the plant again.

Water evaporation by the plant in general is much less because the LEDs produce very little heat.
With relatively little power consumption, the LEDs create enough light in the right spectrum to grow all kinds of vegetables without the need of external sunlight.
This includes most leafy greens, herbs, but also edible flowers such as oxalis. These factors make it possible for any unused space to be turned into an urban garden. As long as there is water and electricity.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of our urban farming systems is that they are easy to maintain and operate. They are very “straightforward” and do not have complicated control software or other equipment that can only be operated by professionals. The grow racks are controlled via a simple app that can be downloaded free of charge.
The simplicity of our systems enables everyone to become an urban horticulturist. We are of course always available in the background to help and advise you.


Do you have plans to grow your own vegetables and herbs for yourself or your organization and you have become interested in our grow system. Please contact us without any obligation. Based on your plans and the available space, we can discuss all possibilities.

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