Round Pot 1 liter B


Colur: Black
Diameter: 13,2 cm
Height 10,4 cm
Contents: 1 liter

UGS : 1180.1231 Catégorie :


Round pot 1 liter

The round pot 1 liter is perfect for growing leafy greens or for using as a starter pot for your plants before repotting into a larger pot. We have found this size of pot comes in handy when growing in the Kitchenfarm.

What is the purpose of repotting?

Repotting has two purposes: It gives a growing plant’s roots more room. As your plant gets older and bigger its roots expand so it can suck up enough water and nutrients to feed itself. If its pot is too small, the roots can’t absorb what they need and your plant will suffer. Be careful not to stress your plants out when doing this procedure.

Informations complémentaires

Poids0,1 kg
Dimensions13 × 5 × 10,4 cm

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